What We Do

Our team has proven international experience working with growth and middle market publicly-traded and private businesses. Our portfolio of clients includes companies in business and consumer services, consumer products, internet content and commerce, entertainment, life sciences, retail, agriculture, energy and software sectors.



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Corporate Communications

We are skilled at integrating investor and public relations messages; developing integrated communications plans geared to improve a company’s profile or reputation; or designed to market a specific project or product.
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  • Communications audits
  • Communications strategy development
  • Investor Presentations
  • Annual Reports
  • Business Plans
  • Pitch Books and Press Releases


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Marketing Communications

We develop, cultivate and lead effective web strategies and implement traditional and new media marketing initiatives. We improve internet presence, design targeted measures and implement branding strategies and communications programs for Clients and their stakeholders.
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  • Digital communications
  • Website audits and development
  • Marketing collateral audit and review
  • Website and brochure copy writing
  • SEO evaluation
  • Social media marketing


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Strategic Development

We provide product management and product development services with special focus on IT projects. We are practiced at identifying and clarifying business requirements and quickly grasping our Client’s business objectives. Through careful analysis we translate these into functional and technical specifications, performing gap analysis and designing process and systems improvements.

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